Frequent Questions

My car was damaged by hail. What should I do now?
The very first thing that you should do when you find yourself in such a case is to contact your insurance company and initiate a claim. They will guide you on where to take your vehicle for the inspection by the insurance adjuster after which the necessary procedures will commence.
What is paintless dent repair?
PDR is a technique of removing dents, dings and damage caused by hail on the body of the vehicle. This technique differs from traditional dent repair in that it doesn’t require any filling, sanding, or repainting of the vehicle’s factory finish. Paintless Dent Repair is carried out using special tools that gently push the dent out of the surface without disturbing the paint.
Why should I use Paintless Dent Repair as opposed to the other techniques?
There are many advantages to using PDR to repair your vehicle. Paintless dent repair provides high-quality repairs that maintain the original factory finish of your vehicle even after the repair. PDR works so well because it avoids some of the common issues that happen with conventional dent repair techniques that use grinding, bondo, fillers, and primers that can result in paint matching, paint shrinkage, or other unwanted effects later after the repair is done. In addition to that, paintless dent repair does not use chemicals during the repair process, which means the process is ecofriendly. Repairs are cheap and can cost 1/4 – 1/3 less than conventional auto body repair methods and can be finished in less than an hour in some instances.
Do you guarantee quality in your work?
At Auto Dent Company, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our work because we believe in the quality of every dent repair job we do. You can be sure that your vehicle will not have a problem with its body again when it comes to hail damage for as long as its life.
Can you perform the repairs on site?
Our team can come to your home for a dent repair inspection and provide you with a quotation, and in some cases, we can repair your car onsite in just an hour if it’s a minor dent. Most hail dent repairs require additional time and will need to spend time in our shop to ensure lasting quality for your dent removal work.
How long will repairs take?
The repair time takes between 2-12 days depending on the insurance company adjuster’s response time as well as the quantity and size of dents.
Do you accept my insurance cover when handling the repairs?
At Auto Dent Company , we strive to make the whole process easier and that means working with the insurance company you have to see how we can get things done without much hustle for you. What you need to do is get in touch with insurance provider and select Auto Dent Company as your preferred vendor and we get the process going.
Does filing a claim for hail damage increase my insurance rates?
As hail damage is considered to be a “natural act of god” under compensation claims, your rates will not rise because the damage is not the fault of the owner.
Do I have to go to one of my insurance company’s preferred body shops?
You are legally allowed to choose where you’d like your vehicle to be repaired. The insurance company is not able to force you to use one of their own. Auto Dent Company works with all insurance companies in an effort to restore your vehicle back to pre-hail damage condition.
What is my out-of-pocket expense?
Typically clients pay $0 out of pocket expenses to have their vehicles repaired.
What if I don’t have rental car coverage with my insurance company?
Auto Dent Company is happy to provide you with a complementary rental care for the duration that your vehicle is being repaired. This is provide to clients FREE of charge.
Do I need an appointment for my car hail damage repair?
One of the advantages of using the Paintless Dent Repair technique is how fast the method is. We work to remove the dents rather than filling them in so that eliminates the wait times that come with fillers. Most of the dents are repaired with just one appointment and depending on the magnitude of the damage, sometimes you can be sure to get back your vehicle in less than an hour.
Will the dents come back after repairs?
No way, absolutely not! Paintless Dent Repair gets rid of the dent permanently! Other conventional techniques like using fillers are associated with dents reappearing after some time when something happens to the fillers or paint but you need not worry about the Paintless Dent Removal.
What if the hail chipped my paint or cracked my windshield?
Auto Dent Company works with other local and reputable body shops to repair any windshield or paint damage and it is all covered under the same claim and warranty with you insurance company.
In case you have any more concerns about auto hail damage repair, to get personalized information and also schedule your dent removal today!