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A hailstorm can cause extensive damage to a car that is not sufficiently protected. Even if the hailstones were relatively small, you might have dents and dings in the trunk, hood, and roof of your car.

Hail damage to your car can have several consequences. For one, the value of your vehicle can depreciate significantly, even if your car is brand new. The best way to restore the value of your car is with a professional paintless dent repair service.

Additionally, if you postpone repairs for too long, it can result in corrosion build-up and general deterioration that may require costly repairs. A paintless dent repair is the most affordable repair option available, and it will prevent further damage and expenses.

If your insurance policy covers hail damage, paintless dent repair is not only an inexpensive option, but it will also restore the manufacturer’s warranty.

Many vehicle owners are tempted to carry out dent repair work themselves. However, even if you are skilled at automotive restoration or if you select a business that is not accredited, you may lose your manufacturer’s warranty.

Since hail is considered to be an act of God, your insurance company may not raise your rates if you claim for hail damage.

Professional Hail Damage Repairs in the Nation

Auto Dent Company can provide you with the best auto hail damage repair to enhance the appearance of your car, prevent further damage, and restore your manufacturer’s warranty.

Our hail damage repair service involves a professional paintless dent removal, carried out by a team of highly skilled and experienced autobody technicians. As part of this service, we also provide a limited lifetime auto-dent-repairguarantee that is valid for as long as you are the owner of the vehicle.

Paintless dent removal service to restore vehicles after hail damage differs from traditional methods that involve filling the dent and covering the surface with matching auto body paint. Instead, we gently put pressure on every dent and manipulate the metal back to its original position to achieve a perfect result.

If you use our professional car hail repair service, you can request a free rental car to ensure that you are mobile during a repair. Since we work with all insurance companies, we can also provide you with free hail claim assistance to eliminate any frustration.

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Auto Dent Company is a BBB-accredited and the best paintless dent repair shop with more than 40 years of experience and, to date, we have repaired more than 5,000 cars previously damaged by hail.

Since arranging professional hail repair can be inconvenient, we can provide you with a loaner vehicle, or we can pick up your car and deliver it back to you when the repair is complete. We also go to great lengths to ensure quick turnover times, so you don’t have to wait longer than necessary.

If you have full insurance coverage, we can provide you with a free auto hail damage repair. Since paintless dent repairs are effective and affordable, many insurance companies prefer this repair method over the conventional method with a body filler.

With Auto Dent Company, you can get a free dent repair service without the inconvenience of bringing in your car or arranging a lift to work. Let us take care of your car’s dents to prevent rust, depreciation, and costly repairs further down the line.

Our team of autobody technicians is standing by to provide you with an accredited dent repair service. Contact us today for a free quote or fill out our form to get free hail damage repair.

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Auto Dent Company provides paintless dent repair solutions that are customer-centric and geared towards perfection. We work with all insurance companies, and we offer a limited lifetime warranty on repairs.


Our team has the necessary skills and the latest equipment to produce flawless results. To minimalize inconvenience, we also provide our clients with a pick-up and drop-off service, and we offer free rentals.

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